You Go in Online Dating If you have more than a few minutes of experience in AmoLatina online dating, you know the above question is a fair one to ask. How low do you go in online dating? How low are you willing to go?

How low do you go in online dating? -

Okay, so maybe I’m a Mickey Mouse television journalist turned online dating blog dude. The photo to the left of Mickey and Goofy doesn’t lie. But really, I’m thinking of the low end of the online dating spectrum. A little because of myself, but more because of interviews I’ve done recently with

Online Dating Users.

I spoke with a woman tonight who genuinely seemed pleased that so far none of the men. She’s met online have turned out to be real psychos. Is that how we judge success in this thing called internet dating? On a brighter note, she is hoping her online dating. Experience gets much better. When she meets the guy she’s been wanting to connect with but hasn’t yet due to their continued scheduling conflicts.

A guy I’ve talked to told me he’s lowered his expectations to. The point that now when he meets a woman in person who he’s been communicating with online. If she’s within being 25 pounds heavier than her posted photos he considers that okay. Is that really okay for you?

Another attractive woman I know is dealing with her low expectations by intentionally putting up what is essentially a keep away sign on her online dating profile.  She’s taken down her photos and listed her home cities as being in both the northern and southern parts of the United States. Is that a good state to finding one’s perfect match or soul mate?

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How low do you go? Hopefully, you don’t go low at all. Singles shouldn’t do the limbo for love. No matter how many frogs you kiss that hop onto your path, hold on tight to your high hopes. Remember, it’s only that one prince or princess you are seeking.

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