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I would not recommend this website to women

I would not recommend this website to women

podrivaojf - December 5, 2019
A total waste of time and money.

They constantly sent me profiles that were outside of the parameters I set. That is, they sent profiles that were older and younger than my age ranges; profiles that lived further than my distance par…. More

neradnikemq - December 4, 2019
Don't waste your time

Don’t waste your time looking for a true connection with an altruistic person here.

minovski39 - December 4, 2019
Don't use them

Don’t use them–you can’t trust them

noerazt7 - December 4, 2019
Save your money

Strongly recommend you save your money.

blokge - December 3, 2019
Total rip off.

Like many other sites, is loaded with fake profiles. DO NOT GIVE THEM MONEY. You may as well set your cash on fire. You will never get any value from this site. Total rip off.

aburiso6 - December 3, 2019
Worst dating site out there!

Worst dating site out there!

kengomez7t - December 3, 2019
Its Scam

If you’re seriously looking for someone “Run Forest Run” from this dating site! Every negative thing previously written is true; how the government hadn’t shut this site down is a mystery? I compar…. More

escopsavivz - December 2, 2019
Save your money.

I have been with this site since August with no luck in procuring a date. All my matches are miles away from me which is ridiculous if hoping to meet someone. Since it was updated last week it has bec…. More

baritat0 - December 1, 2019
Complete rip off

Complete rip off, criminals. Beware.

helvetiaol - December 1, 2019
Horrible site

Horrible site. Old accounts of people who are no longer there. They also make it almost impossible to cancel your account, and when you think it is canceled you get suckered into another payment. Wors…. More

erfjordza - December 1, 2019
Site is a joke

Don’t waste your money to buy frustration. These guys barely have it together and their site is a joke, a bad joke.

i2t1e2phk - November 30, 2019