Four Tips for a Better Online Dating Profile

One of the main difficulties when creating a profile on a dating site with foreigners is the right choice of photos. We have already noted that when acquaintance takes place at a distance, through the mediation of a dating site, high-quality photographs play an important role. If the photos are chosen unsuccessfully, this reduces the chance of meeting an interesting man.

When Choosing Photos, You Should Consider:

  • firstly, what impression should they make on a man;
  • secondly, what kind of men, with what goals and intentions of acquaintance, the selected photographs can attract.

Photos for an international dating site are not pictures of nature or tourist attractions. In the pictures for a profile on a dating site, you need to show yourself first of all . And you need to show yourself from an attractive side! A man must see a woman and she must make a good impression on him so that he wants to get to know her – write to her.

We have already touched on the importance of a deliberate choice of photos for serious acquaintances with foreigners in the articles “A serious dating site with foreigners: am I serious about finding a husband?” and “Dating foreigners: how to choose the right photo?” . Today we would like Arabiandate  to focus exclusively on the mistakes that often accompany the choice of images.


Here are 10 mistakes you can make when choosing photos for a dating site with foreigners.

  1. Photos in sunglasses. No wonder they say that “the eyes are the mirror of the soul”. You should not hide them if you want to meet a man for a serious relationship. Sunglasses hide not only the eyes, but also optically change facial features.
  2. Photos with a bouquet of flowers. It would seem that what could be wrong with a photograph in which a woman, smiling radiantly, hugs a beautiful bouquet of flowers? The negative feature lies in the perception, in the thoughts of men, when they see such pictures. They believe that the flowers were given by another gentleman. It is better not to call up such an association in men, in potential suitors and simply not upload photos with flowers to the profile on a dating site with foreigners and not send them in private messages.
  3. Photographs that clearly show the engagement ring. Men pay attention to details and think about the meaning of many actions. com A woman who still wears a ring given to her by another man may not yet be able to let go of the past, which means she is not ready for a new.


Serious Relationship.

  1. Photos taken at a great distance, or photographs against the backdrop of tourist attractions. A man should not look closely to distinguish a girl against the backdrop of the sea or, for example, the Eiffel Tower. The center of the picture, the main “attraction” in the picture, should be a beautiful woman, and not a symbol of Paris with a blurry silhouette in the foreground.
  2. Pictures taken with the webcam are of poor quality, and facial features are hard to see.
  3. Group photos or pictures that show more than one person. When opening a woman’s profile on an international dating site, a foreigner should not wonder who owns this profile? The girl on the left, the middle-aged lady in the middle, or the young man on the right? The photo of the questionnaire should clearly indicate who wants to meet.
  4. The photo in bed does not evoke thoughts about the seriousness of the intentions of the lady captured on it.
  5. Darkened or overexposed shots are all shots in front of a window, when the sun “dazzles” the camera lens, in low light or in a dark room. As noted above, a man will not peer in order to guess who is depicted in the picture, he simply will not pay attention to such a profile.
  6. Pictures where faces cannot be seen. The girl deliberately covered her face with her hands, flowers, a scarf, or turned away from the camera. On such photos it is not clear who wants to meet and for what purpose.

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  1. Deep neckline in non-professional shots in a domestic environment. Everything is quite simple: such an image does not cause serious thoughts in men. “Slogan”: “I’m only looking for a serious relationship!” combined with fairly candid photographs, will not change the mind of a man. Presenting yourself in this way, you should not expect serious intentions from men. Because they do not see the seriousness of the intentions of a woman who exposes such pictures. A man who wants to meet his future wife will close such a questionnaire. There is a big difference between the perception of professional, staged shootings and non-professional photographs. On professional photographs, an image was created, clothes and furnishings were selected. The neckline in professional shots is part of the image, and not the semantic center of the frame.

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