Four Tips for a Better Online Dating Profile

Valentine’s Day is behind us, Better Online Dating Profile and if you didn’t have a special someone to celebrate with this year, you may be considering online dating as a way to improve your chances of meeting someone before next Valentine’s Day. In today’s post, we’ll outline a few tips that will help you build the best online dating profile. Profile Helper has helped thousands of men and women with dating profile tips and profile writing. We can help you write a good dating profile that increases your chance of finding a great match, contact us.

Things to Avoid in Your Online Dating Profile


This first point should be obvious, but typos in online dating profiles are actually quite common. Typos put you at risk of appearing as if you don’t care about your online profile, or as if you lack knowledge of the English language. Either way, obvious typos will deter potential matches from reaching out to you. If you’re trying to build the best dating profile you can, run your content through a spell check application before you submit it!

Four Tips for a Better Online Dating Profile


If typos are the most obvious thing you should avoid in your online dating profile, lying is a close second. Think about online dating this way: your profile should function as a resume, and even though you’re trying to build the best dating profile you can, it needs to accurately reflect who you are. You wouldn’t fabricate your qualifications on a resume to get interviews, and the same principle applies to your online dating profile. Everything from your build to your height should accurately reflect who you are, and the pictures you put on your profile should accurately depict your appearance.

Negative Language

Whether you’ve been single for a long period of time or you’re just returning to the dating scene after a painful breakup, you should always avoid using negative language in your profile. Studies have shown that negative language has the tendency to prompt readers to attribute a negative personality to the writer, even if the reader has had no prior interactions with the writer! Again, think of your online dating profile like a resume: put your best foot forward and show potential matches that you’re a fun, outgoing person! Everyone has something to complain about, but your online dating profile isn’t the place to vent about it.

Four Tips for a Better Online Dating Profile

Keep Things Punctual

If you’re like most people in the online dating world, you probably only skim. The profiles of potential matches before reaching out. While it would certainly be nice if everyone took the time to read every word of the profiles. They click on, the reality is that you have a short window of time with which to catch the attention of the person viewing your profile. Keep your sentences short, punctual, and informative – you’re looking to write the best dating profile you can, not a novel!

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Stay tuned for future posts in which we will continue to give you dating profile tips. Profile Writer offers a number of  profile tips and services, including profile writing. We offer a free 10-minute consultation, so get in touch with our profile writing.

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